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Telconsulting Healthcare

We Build Clinical Research Registries for Healthcare Industry.

Customized Project

Every Surgical Technique, Every Clinical Research, Every Medical Procedure has its own features. We Customize Every Project because is the only way to do the Job Properly

Responsive Web Application

Any Platform Ready: Pc, Tablet, Smartphone. You can access our systems Wherever you are, Whatever your device is

Secured Website

We Manage Sensitive Data. Very Sensitive. Our Proprietary Algorithms are implemented in order to maintain the Highest Level of Security.

Quick Service

Scalable and flexible Modular Solution: This allows us to Complete and Deploy an entire Project from Scratch Shortly,  Regardless of its Complexity

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VATS Lobotectomy: “tecniche chirurgiche a confronto”
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Centers: 49  Patients Enrolled: 5000+
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Congresso Nazionale della Pneumologia Italiana - XLIV AIPO
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ESTS Certification of Data Quality

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What our clients say?

Prof. Roberto Crisci
"Working side by side with Telconsulting was an excellent experience"

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Dr. Luca Bertolaccini
Telconsulting Group was passionate about writing code and solving clinicians’ problems

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